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- Credits -

See my full list of credits with Showreel & Voice Reel on Spotlight 


  • Short Film. Woman 1, The Other Truth, Red Tales Production & Hic et Nunc , Giovanna Volpi


  • Voice Over. A Network For Net Zero, COP26, SSEN Transmission 

  • Short Film. Hestia, Blood Of Our Own, The End, Elaine Stirrat


  • Live Online. Pisanio, Cymbeline, The Show Must Go Online, Rob Myles

  • Short Film. Hestia, HOWL, The End, Catriona MacLeod

  • Music Video. Dancer, GSFF Opening Film, The Forest of Black, Kieran Howe

  • Rehearsed Reading. Alex, Human Animals, Tron Creative, Martin Foreman


  • Rehearsed Reading. Eilidh, W.I.T.C.H., Actors Night at The Lyceum, Louise Oliver

  • Rehearsed Reading. Female 2/Watson, YEMEN, Moon Fly Theatre Company at Traverse Theatre, Alice Langley

  • Rehearsed Reading. Dr RD Laing Jnr & Sir John Reid, THE YES NO PLAYS, SHIFT Theatre, Amy Liptrott

  • Voice Over. STV CHILDREN'S APPEAL, STV Promotions, Gill Hanlon

  • Music Video. Dancer, Sleep Talking, Odd Socks, Kieran Howe 

  • Short Film. Georgina, Pink & Blue, GILR, Anna Whealing

  • Commercial. Sarah, Loudest & Proudest, RBS - Tanami, Will Herbert

  • Script Reading. Child 2, we came in a little red boat, Persistent & Nasty, Misha McCullagh


  • Short Film. Tig, AKIMBO, Stoned Boned Sober Productions, Georgia Middlemiss

  • Stage. Monster & Various, Frankomime's Monster - 18+ Edinburgh Horror Fest, Posturous Productions, Oliver Giggins

  • Script Reading. Helen, Kings, Persistent & Nasty, Elaine Stirrat

  • Short Film. Bradana, Against The Current, GILR, Delilah Rose Niel

  • Stage. Monster & Various, Frankomime's Monster - Edinburgh Fringe, Posturous Productions, Oliver Giggins

  • Stage. Envy, Doctor Faustus, Chimaera Productions, Ash Pryce

  • Short Film. Rachel in Standing On A Bridge, On Fire, Jon Stacey

  • Educational. Hope, Hope - UK Anti Bullying Production, The Take Away Theatre Company, Hazel May MacGregor

  • Voice Over. Jennifer & Streetlamp, The City Sleeps Alone, Joy Montgomery, Alien Queen Productions

  • Short Film. The Woman, The Hitman, Tam Hetherton, Christy Kail Film


  • Web Short. Vicki, Kidder, Louise Thornton, BBC The Social

  • Stage. Macbeth, Macbeth, David Lee-Michael, The Theatre - Langside Campus

  • Voice Over. eModule, Glasgow Clyde College

  • Short Film. Jane, Pandora,  Elizabeth Gardner

  • Short Film. Lucy, Online, Beth Sustr

  • Music Video. Sarah, She's Resting With The Best of Them, Christy Kail, Christy Kail Film

  • Music Video. Emma, Dream Speed, Joseph O'Brien


  • Stage. Melinda & Sneezy, Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, David Lee Michael, The Theatre - Langside Campus

  • Short Film. Laura, Rocks, Sophie Franklin

  • Stage. Mary - Union Leader, Hard Times, David Lee- Michael, The Theatre - Langside Campus

  • Script Development. Heather, Bliss, Niall Cook, 125 Theatre


  • Stage. Vaine & Various, Vernon God Little, Steven Dollan, The Jackson Studio - Langside Campus

  • Stage. Greek Chorus, Iphigenia, Steven Dollan, Athens of The North

  • Stage. Lea Katz, Pentecost, Steven Dollan, The Theatre - Langside Campus


  • Stage. Elaine, Calendar Girls, BJ McCommis, Biggar Theatre Workshops

  • Stage. Merteuil, Dangerous Liasons, Advanced Higher Drama Performance, Bathgate Academy

  • Short Film. Allison Reid, Different, Paul Donaldson


  • Stage. Medea, Medea, Ali de Souza, RCS Shakespeare & Greek Course

  • Stage. Cobweb, Midsummer Nights Dream, Ali de Souza, RCS Shakespeare & Greek Course

  • Stage. Antigone, Antigone, Paul Fontanna, UK Theatre School

  • Stage. Jeanine, Ordinary People, BJ McCommis, Biggar Theatre Workshops


  • Stage. Martha, Miracle Worker, BJ McCommis, Biggar Theatre Workshop


Other Performance Work

  • Corporate Role Play. News Reporter for Sanderling Training Exercise, Stephen Sinclair, Glasgow Airport

  • Interactive. Medium, Keep Calm & Scary On, Ash Pryce, Chimaera Productions

  • Murder Mystery. Tabitha, Season of Good Will, Alan Berkley, Deadly Acts Theatre

  • Murder Mystery. Callie, Back Room, Alan Berkley, Deadly Acts Theatre

  • Murder Mystery. Amelia, Sutherland Star, Alan Berkley, It's a Complete Mystery

  • Murder Mystery. Lillian, Back Room, Alan Berkley, It's a Complete Mystery

  • Murder Mystery. Champagne DeBarge/Agnes McMahon in Karyokay Killer, Jason Keating, Fifth Horseman Productions

  • Workshop Leader, Film and TV Classes, UKTheatre School, Screen Persona

  • Corporate TV and Film Workshop, St Mirrens Football Club, Screen Persona

  • Workshop Assistant, Youth Theatre, Green Door Theatre Company

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