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Misha is a creative force for good both in a room and on the stage. Lively and engaged in the moment, she’s bold and bright with a unique skill for helping a room come together and enough energy to power a small town. Onstage she’s intelligent with a remarkable playing range, stepping confidently from key roles like Medea to the kind of quick fire, lively ensemble work that relies on great connection and an impeccable sense of timing. Her sharp witted, sure footed work on stage sits alongside a body of film work where she swallow dives into experimentation and gives free rein to her fantastic sense of the ridiculous and the comic. Enough warmth and wit to wrangle the coldest of Tuesday afternoon audiences. 

Casting Details

Playing Age:   22-29  
Height:   5'5

Hair Colour:   Red/Titian

Eye Colour:   Brown

Voice Quality:   Clear

Voice Character:   Enthusiastic

Accents (*native): American Southern States, Central Scottish*, Eastern European, Glasgow, Northern Irish, RP, South London, Standard American, Standard English, Standard Scottish

Music & Dance: Bright Soprano, Freestyle, Jazz, Ceroc

Skills: Gymnastics, Horse Riding, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Snowboarding, Skiing, Sailing.

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