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Self Tape Shenanagans

I've been lucky enough to get a few self tape auditions in the last couple of weeks that have been a riot to get filmed and sent. So, I thought I'd share some of the things I've picked up.

Note to self:

- Make sure there's going to be natural light wherever you choose to film because it makes such a difference to video quality, and lord knows yer gal can't afford no ring light. (I did actually buy a budget mini ring that clips on to my phone... it's a gimmick. And I'm £6 lighter. Lesson 2 learned the hard way.)

- Phone a friend. I tend to play the "i'll cook you dinner if you help me self tape" card. It seems to work. Having loyal friends who will come and help get your self taping groove on is a blessing. Shout out to all my heros, you know who you are.

- Check, double check and check again that you are doing the scene as directed, in the correct accent and in the right style. That's a lot of time wasted if you didn't read the one blatant instruction.... did I learn this the hard way? I'm going to leave you guessing...

- Allow yourself a few piss poor takes to ease in to it, watch them back so you know what works and what doesn't then go for a second (and third) take. Tried and Tested Method. Misha Approved.

But what do I know eh

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